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    Please abide by the forum rules


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    Please abide by the forum rules Empty Please abide by the forum rules

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:21 pm

    Here are a few things to keep in mind as you post here at The Belgian Shepherd forum.

    Our hope is to provide an objective, open forum for training tips, advice, exchange, and constructive debate. Pretty much anything goes except for practices which are considered by the vast majority of people to be abusive, dangerous, or stupid.

    Many people are here because they enjoy interaction with other dog enthusiasts. We encourage fun. We do ask that non-dog issues stay in the Off topic section. Post what you want, within reason.

    We want young people here, we want all folks to be able to enjoy this place as much as possible. Be respectful of as many different perspectives as you're able.

    If you are bothered by the conduct of a particular forum member, PM Admin. Do not take it upon yourself to gauge whether a particular post or member belongs here or not.

    While we really like our forum, and many people here are here because of its tolerance of opinion, excellent (and free!) advice with experts, and its community, we do not allow posters to disparage other places on the web. All forums serve the purposes for which they are designed.

    If you cannot say it in polite company, don't say it here. People should be able to come here and post without feeling like they will be attacked. Keep in mind that real names, real careers, real training experience, and real locations are posted here...it is quite easy for someone to feel very threatened by what you say. So think twice, post once.

    It's the internet, not war tribunals. If you are bothered by something you read here, PM Admin and take your dog for a walk. Flame wars get old quick and nearly always result in a thread--oftentimes, a good one--getting locked.

    Admin may, at their discretion, edit post content, delete posts, or lock entire threads. They do not like doing any of these things.

    Have a great time here. Forum members make it the best place in the web to chat about Belgian Shepherds. Thanks in advance for your participation!

    PM Admin if you've any questions or concerns.

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